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Mar. 24th, 2000

Welcome to the Home Page of one of the premiere
Play-By-Mail Strat-O-Matic Hockey League.

Currently playing its 3rd season of play, the CHL celebrate it
entering the virtual reality of WWW.
Originally inspired by one of the most legendary Saskatoon, Sask., gamer, Kevin Koban, it brilliantly blend one of the best (if not the best) Table-Top Sports hockey game actually on the market, with the flavor of the NHL draft system integrated in its bylaws.

The Teams of the Continental The Official Team Rosters currently playing in this great league.
The Schedule of the Continental The Official 1999-2000 league schedule of play.
The Constitution of the Continental The Official Laws governing this great league.
The History of the Continental A brief companion of 3 years of great gaming rivalries.
Who's Who of the Continental Who are those in the upper echelon of sportsgaming playing here.
Getting in Touch with the Continental If you cannot wait any longer and need to contact us...

The CHL currently is constituted by 14 teams freely adopting the names of its franchises, and has gamers spreaded between Canada, United States and Italy, and has its headquarter in Saskatoon, Sask., Canada.
Commissioner of the league is Grant Ens, who succeded recently the founding father of the league and also the chief hockey commentator of the restless SOM Hockey gaming community in Saskatoon.
The CHL is always on the lookout for back-up managers and interested observers. So, if you want to join one of the top-most competitive hockey league actually in full swing, you are one click of the mouse away from a ton of fun!


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