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"A familiar scene at the Continental draft."
Kevin leaping between Carey and Jay...

Welcome to the Who's who of one of the premiere
Play-By-Mail Strat-O-Matic Hockey League.

Following are the 14 GMs currently who are currently lacing-up the skates, flipping cards, rolling dice and clenching fists (for obscure reasons to their relatives...)
in the Continental Hockey League!

Eastwood Conference
Saskatoon Cougars Jay Lubiniecki
Spiritwood Sentinels Kevin Koban
Edmonton OilersRay Keller
Richmond RenegadesTim Lewis
Codette TurtlesGrant Ens
Flin Flon BombersDarren Hassel
Macrorie ThrashersKeith MacLean

Pacino Conference
Brantford BulldogsRoger Long
Melrose Soylent GreenCarey "I'm a legend" Miller
Marghera IceGiorgio Salvadego
Hamilton SteelhawksNelson Silva
Boston Golden BearsManny Silva
Tallahasse Moonshiners Jamie Rueffer
Detroit DevastatorsThomas Mager

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