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   1.1) Only carded players will be used in the CHL. This included all regular and extra
players in the Strat card set. The extra-extra players put out by Strat-Fan will not be
   1.2) The roster limit shall be 35 players. This can consist of any combination of carded
or uncarded players, as long as the team has it's game needs taken care of. Teams may carry
no more than 35 players from the start of the regular season to the end of the playoffs.
During the off-season teams may carry as many players as they want but they must cut down
by the designated deadline.
    1.3) All players that are limited to the number of games on their cards. All players 
with 76+ can play the entire regular season.
    1.4) Goaltender fatigue rules will only apply during the course of a game. 
The consecutive starts rule does not apply.
    1.5) During playoffs there are no limitations for the amount of games skaters can play. 
	a) any goalie with a fatigue rating of 5 or higher can play all games in a
           best of seven series.
	b) Fatigue factors are reset at the start of each series.


    2.1) CHL managers may trade anyone off their active or inactive rosters. Draft choices
for the next two years ONLY may be traded. Please do not offer the same player to two
different teams.
    2.2) There will be NO players to be named later involved in trades.
    2.3) There will be no limit to how many players or draft choices can be involved in any
one trade.
    2.4) Trading can only occur during the designated off-season trading period. Any trades
agreed upon outside of this time, are at your own risk. They can be vetoed at any time by
either manager.


    3.1) The entry draft will include all first year carded players and all carded players
not on a CHL roster at the time of the draft.
    3.2) The entry draft will never exceed more than ten rounds.
    3.3) Prior to the rookie draft, the four non-playoff teams with the lowest point totals
will enter a lottery to determine first pick overall. If one of these picks is traded it
automatically becomes the fourth pick overall.


    4.1) All regular season games will be 4-line games. Your three top lines will play 9
cards each while the 4th line gets 3 cards in each of the three periods, and overtime in 
the playoffs. The action cards for each period will be 9-3-9-9 so that the fourth line 
always plays the second shift of each period. The 9-3-9-9 rotation CAN NEVER waver. 
All forwards are limited to the positions on their cards.
    4.2)  Six defensemen will be used. D'men can play EITHER side regardless of the 
positions on their cards. In periods 1 & 2 each pair plays one nine card shift. 
Any two d'men you choose can play with the fourth line. This can be the same pair that
started the period and it can be the same pair in both periods. In period 3 we will use 
four defensemen with the change coming after 15 cards.
    4.3) regular  season overtime will be five minutes (consisting of eight cards) with 
full five man units being changed after four cards.
    4.4) In the event of majors, misconducts, or double minors, subs will come from the
fourth line. If the fourth line is on the ice the sub can be any forward or defenseman of
your choosing. You do not need to count cards to even things out with the penalized player
since this will never amount to more than two cards. In the 3rd period, defenseman subs 
will come from one of the two not playing that period.
    4.5) In 4 on 4 situations canters can play wing and forwards can play defense if


    5.1) Instruction sheets should be no more than two pages. They must include at least 
the following:
	*** Four forward lines and six defensemen
	*** designated line rotations for all three periods and OT including who will play
            defense with the fourth line. Also include forward and defense subs when fourth
            liners are penalized. 
	*** two sets of forwards and two sets of defensemen for both PP and PK. Forwards
            can play point as per Strat rules. However, no forward can play all PP's on the
            point. the once per game back-to-back option will be offered in the CHL. If 
            your instruction sheet does not specify it to be done, it is not to be done.
            Specify outside shot options if not the same as even strength.
	*** shorthanded strategy such as icing, skating, passing, and shooting. If no
            shooting options specified use even-strength.
	*** face-off and alternate face-off men for all lines.
	*** intimidation rules for all situations.
	*** when to deflect, if at all.
	*** when to pull goaltender for sixth attacker, or if fatigued. A backup must be
            listed, however you do not have to pull a fatigued goalie. If your instruction
            sheet does not specify to pull a fatigued goalie, he will be left in. 
            Be sure to name your sixth attacker. 
	*** outside shot options for all situations.
	*** offense/forechecker modes for all situations.
	*** who takes puck control in "any d-player" situations. (NOTE: "best passer vs.
            worst defensive player shall be interpreted as first taking the best passer
            and if more than one, then worst defensive player.)
	*** who gets the rebound shot in any player "X" or more rebounds.


    6.1) CHL will play 76 games (38 home, 38 away). The season will be divided into
Try to send statistics at the end of each quarter so that each newsletter can have the 
most up-to-date information possible. Their will be deadlines at the half-way point and at
the end of the season, which are enforced via the penalties discussed below.
    6.2) The CHL believes that while being timely is important, this game is only a hobby.
The two stat deadlines during the season will be enforced with draft pick penalties. 
The league understands that we all have lives in the real world that take precendant over
Strat. Our only issue is when guys deliberately remove themselves from the line of
communication. In order to prevent this we have teh following penalties. These are to be
enforced if the offending manager fails to contact the league office about the reasons for
his tardiness.
	*** Within one week after deadline-this is a grace period. If manager contacts 
            us in this time period, no penalties will be enforced.
	*** one to two weeks after deadline-penalty will be a second round pick
	*** two to three weeks after deadline- penalty will be a first round pick
	*** three or more weeks late- manager has declared his desire to quit the league.
            We will take action to complete games and replace managers.


    7.1) All forwards are limited to the position(s) on their cards. Defenseman CAN play
either side.
    7.2) Forwards rated pt* may do so once per game. If used consecutively with that 
player playing forward on another unit, the back-to-back option is considered used up. 
PT** players may play point on all powerplays for one unit and must not play forward on
    7.3) On "any player" shot situations you must select the player with the highest 
offense rating. Ties are broken by SOG (prorated to allow for GP differences) and rotated
throughout the game.
    7.4) In 4 on 4 if a pass goes to a playerless position then a loose puck is the result.
If shorthanded team completes a pass to a playerless position, the opposite player on the
powerplay gets possession.
    7.5) When using a sixth attacker the extra player the extra player becomes your "any
player". No other man on the ice can be considered for any player situations. When the
"pressing" team has a shot, any reading followed by a "+" are saves and faceoffs. These are
not goal chances.
    7.6) If a player not playing his primary position completes a pass to himself, the pass
goes to the player at his primary position.
    7.7) Any shot on goal at an empty net is a goal.
    7.8) The CHL uses two spilt draws for determining retaliation to intimidation. (ie-your
intimidator draws a possible penalty card from the split deck. Draw one split (or 2-sided
roll) to determine penalty, then draw again (or roll) to determine any retaliation.
    7.9) When a player receives a misconduct on his defense column, the result is a MINOR 
AND A MISCONDUCT, not just a misconduct.
    7.10) The CHL encourages the use of a 20-sided die in place of the split deck for all
face-offs, split goal chances, penetrating chances, or other possible scenario.
    7.11) A shorthanded player may skate no more than twice in a row, or three times per
    7.12) In powerplay situations adjust a player's defense #'s 12-13-14 to reflect changes
in defense rating when shorthanded. (ie - a 3(4) has opp. def 14 become takes away puck).
    7.13) If a playerless position is asked for intimidation, there can be no intimidation.
    7.14) A player with Int(0) may attempt intimidation.
    7.15) On intimidation opponent readings, when the number on the lower right corner of
the action card is #21-30, use the appropriate defenseman. Ditto for action cards asking
for "opponent defense" readings, and cards saying "lose to opponent".
    7.16) In playoff overtime, only intimidation penalties can be incurred. Any opponent
defense rating 7-11 bacomes an automatic outside shot ONLY. 


    8.1) THE GORDON HOWE CUP- playoff champions
    8.2) EDDIE SHORE TROPHY- best defenseman during regular season
    8.3) TERRY SAWCHUK TROPHY- best goalie in regular season
    8.4) RED KELLY TROPHY- best rookie
    8.5) GILBERT PERRAULT TROPHY- most sportsmanlike trophy
    8.6) MIKE BOSSY TROPHY- best playoff performer
    8.7) MARCEL DIONNE TROPHY- regular season scoring trophy
    8.8) BOBBY HULL TROPHY- regular season MVP.

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