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Question: "Why this man looks so lonely?"
: "Because he can't work his magic in..."


Welcome to the Home Page of one of the premiere Italian Face-to-Face Strat-O-Matic Pro Football League.
Currently playing its 13th season of play, the IFL celebrate it
entering the virtual reality of the Web.
Originally founded by actual football players, it was more a learning tool
to bridge the gap toward a completely new discipline.
Then it parted ways from this basic idea and took a life of his own.

The History of the IFL A brief companion of 13 years of great gaming rivalries.
Who's Who of the IFL Who are those in the upper echelon of sportsgaming playing here.
Getting in Touch with the IFL If you can wait any longer and need to contact us...
Statistics (just in case you cannot live without it...)

The IFL currently is constituted by 6 teams (two away from tying the CFL..., just kidding!!) adopting nicknames not related to any north american pro football franchises, and has gamers spreaded between Venice and Treviso in the industrious and crafty north-east of Italy, and has its headquarter in the ever glamorous Venice-Lido, Venice's most renowned island, both for the international movie festival and for the year-round Beverly Hills 90120 lifestyle equivalent of their residents.
Commissioner of the league is Alessandro Novello, the only charter playing member in the league along with Coach Giorgio Salvadego, the current defending champion.
The IFL is a league unique of his own. It is a full draft league, where you draft all the 54 players for all the offensive, defensive and specialists positions, you are allowed to carry in your roster. For each game you can dress only 45 players so you have to manage your team since we allow the players to be used up to their actual stats.
We use a standard defensive chart which is interactive with the individual ratings for both the defensive players and the offensive players, the modified punters and punt returners cards created by Meredith Adkins, the revised fumble, interception returns and sacks ratings yearly published by STRAT-FAN Football Annual, and a few extra rules which put the IFL just an inch away from a real football game.

The IFL is always on the lookout for back-up managers and interested observers. So, if you live in the Venice, Treviso, Padua or even the Vicenza region and want to join one of the top-most competitive football league actually in full swing, you are one click of the mouse away from a ton of fun!


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