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The F.H.L. 2001 Scoreboard

The following are the standings of the 2001 FHL season, updated to April 30th, 2001.

More results and updated standings, and some unexpected sadness, you know why...

Campbell Conference
New Jersey Devils141022533,79332,3622,786
Ottawa Senators36231031002,78631,7549,681
Vancouver Canucks17962563,29402,3520,588
Philadelphia Flyers52262061162,231362,6258,558
Montreal Canadiens45192061302,891172,6044,489
Toronto Maple Leafs19793422,21492,5817,447
Hartford Whalers14680282,00372,6412,429
Detroit Red Wings269134572,19592,2722,423
New York Rangers39142141002,561112,8532,410
Chicago Blackhawks228122622,82703,1818,409

Wales Conference
Buffalo Sabres29181011003,45742,5537,638
Pittsburgh Penguins231373672,91572,4829,630
Boston Bruins60331981813,021452,4274,617
Florida Panthers3418133892,62932,7439,574
San Jose Sharks18990623,44623,4418,500
New York Islanders18783492,72442,4417,472
Edmonton Oilers45182341282,841312,9140,444
St. Louis Blues49172571262,571513,0841,418
Dallas Stars15591271,80342,2711,367
Calgary Flames5312374921,741593,0028,264
FHL TOTALS6282812816616652,6516652,65628

The following are the linescores of the 2000 FHL season, updated to April 30th, 2001.

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
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Bos3Det1 Bos7Det3
Dal2Det1 Dal1Det0
Fla4Det3 Fla5Det3
Mon4Det2 Mon3Det1 Mon3Det1
Tor0Det4 Tor0Det4 Tor1Det1
Har0Fla4 Har3Fla4
NJ4Fla1 NJ4Fla2
Mon6NYR3 Mon3NYR5 Mon1NYR3
Mon2Pit2 Mon4Pit2
Fla2Cal1 Fla2Cal1 Fla1Cal0
NYI1Cal2 NYI1Cal1 NYI6Cal0
Phi5Cal2 Phi3Cal2
Chi0NYR3 Chi4NYR2 Chi5NYR2
Bos6Cal4 Bos4Cal3 Bos3Cal2
SJ3Cal1 SJ4Cal2 SJ5Cal3
Ott1NYR6 Ott1NYR0 Ott3NYR2
Chi3Phi5 Chi3Phi3 Chi2Phi1
Fla1Phi2 Fla1Phi4
Har1Phi2 Har0Phi4 Har0Phi2
NJ5Phi6 NJ2Phi1 NJ6Phi0
Van5Phi2 Van1Phi4 Van4Phi2
NYR3Buf2 NYR3Buf5
Ott4Buf3 Ott7Buf1
Phi3Buf2 Phi1Buf0
SJ4Buf3 SJ6Buf2 SJ8Buf7
Stl1Buf4 Stl1Buf4 Stl4Buf3
Tor2Buf4 Tor1Buf2
Bos3Edm2 Bos4Edm6 Bos3Edm2
NYI5Edm1 NYI1Edm5 NYI4Edm6
Ott3Edm1 Ott2Edm3
Phi3Edm3 Phi1Edm5
Pit1Edm1 Pit4Edm0 Pit8Edm4
Bos3Fla5 Bos3Fla3 Bos4Fla1

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If you want to know who is running the show, and who's scoring and who's supposed
to stop the pucks, please check The F.H.L. Media Guide, where you'll find
the complete rosters for all the Federal franchises.

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